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Many Moreno Valley, Californians have a passion for trendy and sporty looking bikes which they zoom over in the country side for sheer pleasure and also from adventure ride point of view. Many of the residents possess posh and expensive branded bikes like Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja and Harley Davidson which costs huge dollars. But they may not be fully aware that such bikes are at a higher risk of getting damaged by means of accident or a fatal crash. There are high chances of theft happening from time to time, which puts the owner of the bike under heavy loss. Thus an individual must and should go for bike insurance which not only protects the owner's interest but also they can claim for any damage or theft.

The Moreno Valley, Californian Govt has made a stringent measure to all its citizens to have a bike insurance done and they must display a proof that they are in a position to cover up the damage or injuries caused to others in an accident. Hence opting for a bike insurance makes more sense and one must comply with the norms and regulations that are laid down. One must comply with the least liability coverage limits which the Moreno Valley, California Govt has prescribed like:

  • $ 15000 for injury or causing death to one person
  • $ 30000 for injury or causing death to more than one person
  • $ 5000 for causing damage to property.

Different insurance providers offer various rates and incentives and it defers from provider to provider. One can pick and choose a policy that matches their needs and requirements.

Penalty for violating bike insurance:

One must be very careful about bike insurance as a heavy penalty will be imposed for violating the rules and regulations. Your vehicle's registration will be canceled and further one's vehicle may also be seized by the traffic cop. Before one can claim for the bike insurance, the insurance company determine the following factors like age of a person, gender, address, vehicle type, marital status, accident history before disbursing the claim amount.

Bike riders are more prone to crash, severe accidents and injuries when compared to four-wheeler drivers. Therefore it is very important to have a good vehicle insurance policy which will protect a person financially in a long way. “Insurance is the market risk of solicitation”. Please read all documents carefully before investing in a policy.

Generally one can take a bike insurance policy for a period of 12 months. After completion of 12 months the vehicle owners can renew the policy for a period of one year. For more details and information you can visit the nearest office or get in touch with an insurance agent who will be glad enough to guide you through the insurance process. You can also apply online by agreeing to the terms and conditions. In case you have any queries or require any sort of assistance, our insurance team are available 24/7 and we are happy to talk to you. Other than bike many other insurance we are providing such as Auto Insurance Moreno Valley, Car, Boat, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance Moreno Valley and so on.


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