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It feels great to drive through your favorite highway in Moreno Valley, CA in your favorite automobile, enjoying every mile. An insurance cover can make you feel more secure and delightful during every drive when you know that there is a policy which protects you if something goes wrong. It is mandatory by the financial responsibilities law as mentioned in Vehicle code to fulfill one among the four rules. One of the ways to fulfill the financial responsibility is to have a minimum liability insurance for an automobile in the Moreno Valley, State of California. With an insightful team to assist you with your auto insurance, you can feel more comfortable and protected paying less.

Auto insurance is a contract which protects owner's of an automobile from financial liability when there is damage caused to people/property from the automobile. The extent to which an owner is protected from financial responsibility depends on the types of cover. An owner pays certain amount as premium to the insurance company on regular basis (monthly). The amount that goes as premium, the total amount covered in an auto insurance and the terms and conditions of the insurance defer from among policies and insurance providers. It is important for consumers to compare between the auto insurance policies and providers before arriving at a conclusion. Our Moreno Valley insurance agency helps consumers in making such informed decisions.

When the question of 'why auto insurance is necessary' springs up, the first and foremost fact which comes in response is that it is one of the four options a person can follow to fulfill his financial responsibilities as per the Vehicle code. The Moreno Valley, California State government has placed minimum liability auto insurance among its automobile financial responsibility rules. The government has set certain minimum limits for liability insurance policy of automobiles.

Minimum liability insurance limits for passenger vehicles that are driven or parked in Moreno Valley, CA are:

  • $15,000 for injury/death to one person.
  • $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
  • $5,000 for damage to property.

An auto insurance not only protects a person from financial liability when there is a damage caused from his/her car, but it can also provide for the expenses when the automobile is lost or damaged from an accident. There are various types of covers specified by insurance providers which give maximum protection from the mishaps that occur from automobile theft or accident.

To what extent an auto insurance protects a person during mishaps depends on the types of covers and the type of insurance. Following are some of the types of auto insurance covers other than liability insurance:

  • Uninsured and Underinsured cover: A cover against damages caused by other automobiles which are not/under insured.
  • Medical cover: The company provides for the medical expenses that occur from an accident without limiting the amount to minimum liability.
  • Comprehensive cover: Bears the expenses when there is damage caused to the automobile from an accident or theft.
  • Other covers: There are other optional covers which provide for the expenses that are caused from a mishap from the automobile. Covers can include damage to electronic products fit to the vehicle, funeral services cover, rental car and towing charges cover.

The insurance company requires the details of a person's driving record, details of the automobile which is insured, total number of miles driven on the automobile and number of years of driving experience. The premium set by insurance company may depend on all these factors. There are companies which provide insurance cover at a lower price to people who have good driving record, without violation traffic rules.


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